K2 34159

General information
Association Verein Historische Eisenbahn Emmental VHE
Vehicle number (NVR) 40 85 1117 159-9
Historical description K2 34159
Manufacturer SBB
Year built 1908
Owner Verein Historische Eisenbahn Emmental VHE
Operational Yes
Epoch 1844to1920
Vehicle type wagon
Vehicle genre goodsWagon
Gauge normal
Plain or roller bearings roller_bearing
Brake system
Brake system compressed_air
Special features
Specialities Catering- Einrichtung
Waggon design
Box type (wod or metal) Holz
Number of axles, steering or bogie 2
Type of window and width
Lighting batteries No
Type of heating compressed_air
Type of entry door
Platform/doors, wings, other
Dynamo/generator No