General information
Association Dampflok-Depot Full
Vehicle number (NVR) 90 85 0041 065-3
Historical description Dampflok
Manufacturer Compagnie de Fives
Year built 1931
Owner Dampflok-Depot Full
Operational Yes
Epoch 1921to1945
Vehicle type steam
Vehicle genre locomotive
Gauge normal
Plain or roller bearings plain_bearing
Brake system
Brake system compressed_air
Special features
Vehicle design, steam
Frame inner_frame
Injector/ejector type
Vehicle design
Rigid frame or bogie starrer_rahmen
Layout of driving position one-sided
Axle arrangement 2D1
VDEV/VMEV/UIC Bezeichnung - Link zu WikipediaLink to Wikipedia
Traction energy steam
Hot or wet steam hot_steam
Coal or oil firing coal
Fire tray, copper or steel steel
Tank pressure in bar
Safety valve type
Tilting grate Yes
Grate bar length in mm
Drive mechanism-steam
Control type other
Control type (other)
Rack and pinion system none
Drive and tap dome classic
Number of cylinders 4
Slider type(flat/round/ventilated)
Drive (Adhesion, Rack) adhesion
Dynamo/generator Yes
Dynamo/Generator type steam
Dynamo voltage
V-blade Yes
V-blade type
With or without train control system EuroSignum, PZB 90