Bar Wagen

General information
Association Dampflok-Depot Full
Vehicle number (NVR) 55 85 89-29 164-7
Historical description Bar Wagen
Manufacturer SWS
Year built 1941
Owner Dampflok-Depot Full
Operational Yes
Epoch 1921to1945
Vehicle type wagon
Vehicle genre passengerWagon
Gauge normal
Plain or roller bearings roller_bearing
Brake system
Brake system
Special features
Waggon design
Box type (wod or metal)
Number of axles, steering or bogie 4
Type of window and width
Lighting batteries No
Type of heating
Type of entry door
Platform/doors, wings, other
Suitable for conductorless operation No
Dynamo/generator No
Interior furnishing
Type of seats Stühle
Carriage classes, and/or catering fittings
Type of lighting
Floor covering
Sun blinds No
Loud speaker(s)