Tem II Nr. 292

General information
Association Association RVT Historique
Vehicle number (NVR) 97 85 1220 292-7
Historical description Tem II Nr. 292
Manufacturer Tuchschmid , SLM, MFO, Saurer
Year built 1967
Owner Association RVT Historique
Operational Yes
Vehicle type diesel
Vehicle genre tractor
Plain or roller bearings
Brake system
Brake system
Special features
Vehicle design
Rigid frame or bogie
Layout of driving position
Axle arrangement
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Traction power, diesel
Diesel motor type, manufacturer
Fine dust particle filter No
Cooling (water, air, other)
Starter set-up
Drive mechanism diesel
Drive (rods, bearings etc)
Traction motor type
Drive (Adhesion, Rack)
Multiple unit control No
Auxilliary drive , electric, Diesel
Type of compressor
Voltage of auxilliary circuits
Screen wiper (type, manufacture)
Dynamo/generator No
V-blade No
With or without train control system