ABt 202

General information
Association Verein Pendelzug Mirage
Vehicle number (NVR) 55 85 80-35 148-1 (ABt202)
Historical description ABt 202
Manufacturer SWS
Year built 1966
Owner Verein Pendelzug Mirage
Operational Yes
Epoch 1946to1970
Vehicle type electric
Vehicle genre controlWagon
Gauge normal
Plain or roller bearings roller_bearing
Brake system
Brake system compressed_air
Special features
Vehicle design
Rigid frame or bogie drehgestell
Layout of driving position
Axle arrangement
VDEV/VMEV/UIC Bezeichnung - Link zu WikipediaLink to Wikipedia
Traction power, electric
Electrical system
Type of motor
Voltage regulator
Drive mechanism electric
Examples: A44 Buchli, Wälzlager, Sécheron-Federtopf, Scheiben, BBC-Hohlwellen, Tatzlager
Traction motor type
Drive (Adhesion, Rack)
Multiple unit control No
Auxilliary drive , electric, Diesel
Type of compressor
Voltage of auxilliary circuits 220VAC 16 2/3 Hz
Screen wiper (type, manufacture) Baumgartner (Druckluft), Blattlänge 480mm
Dynamo/generator No
V-blade Yes
V-blade type Metra
With or without train control system Signum, EuroSignum, ZUB, EuroZUB, ETCS Level 1 LS (S21 M)