G 3/4 14

General information
Association Dampfloki-Verein Appenzeller Bahnen
Vehicle number (NVR) 90 85 809 0014-4
Historical description G 3/4 14
Manufacturer SLM
Year built 1902
Owner Dampfloki-Verein AB
Operational Yes
Era 1844 to 1920
Type of vehicle Dampf
Type Lokomotive
Gauge Meterspur
Buffer Mittelpuffer-Kplg
ø Axle mm 700
ø Drive axle mm 1050
Bearing Gleitlager
Braking system
Braking system Druckluft
Wear-free No
High presurepipe (UIC pipe 8 bar) No
Special features
Special ex. Rhätische Bahn (bis 1972)
Vehicle design, steam
Frame Aussenrahmen
Injector/ejector type Friedmann
Vehicle design
Rigid frame or bogie starrer Rahmen
Layout of driving position einseitig
Axle arrangement 1'C (Mogul)
VDEV/VMEV/UIC Bezeichnung - Link zu WikipediaLink to Wikipedia
Traction energy steam
Hot or wet steam Nassdampf
Coal or oil firing Kohle
Fire tray, copper or steel Stahl
Tank pressure in bar 12
Safety valve type Ramsbottom
Tilting grate No
Grate bar length in mm 1450
Drive mechanism-steam
Control type Walschaert
Control type (other)
Rack and pinion system
Drive and tap dome hallsche
Number of cylinders 2
Slider type(flat/round/ventilated) Flachschieber
Drive (Adhesion, Rack) Adhäsion
Auxilliary drive steam
Type of air pump Westinghouse (von SBB-Lok)
Dynamo/generator No
V-blade Yes
V-blade type Hasler
With or without train control system ohne