F4ü 11827

General information
Association VVT Vapeur Val-de-Travers
Vehicle number (NVR) 55 85 96-29 200-0
Historical description F4ü 11827
Manufacturer SWS
Year built 1931
Owner VVT Vapeur Val-de-Travers
Operational Yes
Era 1921 to 1945
Type of vehicle Wagen
Type Dienstwagen
Gauge Normalspur
Buffer Puffer
ø Axle mm 0
ø Drive axle mm 0
Bearing Gleitlager
Braking system
Braking system Druckluft
High presurepipe (UIC pipe 8 bar) Yes
Special features
Waggon design
Box type (wod or metal)
Number of axles, steering or bogie
Type of window and width
Type of heating
Type of entry door Portes
Platform/doors, wings, other
Dynamo/generator Yes
Belt driven/axle driven, steam, converter group, static charger
Dynamo voltage