BCFeh 4/4 32

General information
Association Train Nostalgique du Trient
Vehicle number (NVR) 32
Historical description BCFeh 4/4 32
Manufacturer SWS - SLM - MFO
Year built 1921
Owner Martigny - Châtelard
Operational Yes
Era 1921 to 1945
Type of vehicle Elektro
Type Triebwagen
Gauge Meterspur,Zahnrad
Buffer Mittelpuffer-Kplg
ø Axle mm 0
ø Drive axle mm 1080
Bearing Gleitlager
Braking system
Braking system Druckluft
Wear-free No
High presurepipe (UIC pipe 8 bar) Yes
Special features
Special Magnétiques et survitesse (crémaillère), frotteurs 3e rail
Vehicle design
Rigid frame or bogie Drehgestell
Layout of driving position beidseitig
Axle arrangement Bo Bo
VDEV/VMEV/UIC Bezeichnung - Link zu WikipediaLink to Wikipedia
Waggon design
Box type (wod or metal) Bois et métal
Number of axles, steering or bogie 4
Type of window and width
Type of heating elektrisch übrige
Type of entry door Plate-forme
Platform/doors, wings, other
Suitable for conductorless operation No
Traction power, electric
Electrical system 850 V continu
Pantograph type Archet puis pantographe losange
Type of motor Gleichstrom
Main switch Yes
Main switch type
Voltage regulator
Drive mechanism electric
Drive Réducteurs
Examples: A44 Buchli, Wälzlager, Sécheron-Federtopf, Scheiben, BBC-Hohlwellen, Tatzlager
Traction motor type ZB 902
Drive (Adhesion, Rack) gemischt
Multiple unit control No
Auxilliary drive , electric, Diesel
Type of compressor Westinghouse
Voltage of auxilliary circuits 36V
Screen wiper (type, manufacture) Non
Dynamo/generator No
V-blade Yes
V-blade type Hasler
With or without train control system ohne
Interior furnishing
Type of seats Bois
Carriage classes, and/or catering fittings 2e et 3e classe
Type of lighting Ampoules en série
Floor covering Bois et Linoléum
Sun blinds Yes
Sun blinds text
Loud speaker(s) Non