C3 203

General information
Association AG2 Verein Historische Appenzeller Bahnen
Vehicle number (NVR)
Historical description C3 203
Manufacturer VSB
Year built 1899
Owner Appenzeller Bahnen
Operational Yes
Era 1844 to 1920
Type of vehicle Wagen
Type Personenwagen
Gauge Meterspur,Zahnrad,Schmalspur
Buffer Puffer
ø Axle mm 620
ø Drive axle mm 0
Bearing Rollenlager
Braking system
Braking system Druckluft
Wear-free No
High presurepipe (UIC pipe 8 bar) No
Special features
Waggon design
Box type (wod or metal) Stahlgerippe / Holz
Number of axles, steering or bogie 2
Type of window and width offener Sommerwagen
Lighting batteries No
Type of heating
Type of entry door Plattform
Platform/doors, wings, other
Suitable for conductorless operation No
Dynamo/generator No
Interior furnishing
Type of seats Holz
Carriage classes, and/or catering fittings III
Type of lighting keine
Floor covering Holz
Sun blinds No
Loud speaker(s)